Project is being filmed on a rolling basis and funded as we move along. All our cast are volunteers as are production crew. 


Our plan is to self fund the entire project from begining to end. This allows us more bargaining power when placing with a streaming company, such as Netflix or Primce Video, or in fact others. The project has already benefitted from the genorosity of professional actors and production giving their time for free, or for shares in the project through our Promo Trailer - see 

We plan to raise funds via Crowdfunding and sponsorship of scenes, or gemneral sponsorship. Larger donations will be rewarded with shares in the Limted Company for the production company developing the film.

If you would like to support us take a look at what rewardswe are offering on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo (click UTCH logo below) or contact David Denny direct through our Contact Page

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