Listed on these pages are out current needs in terms of crew and cast. locations and props at this point in time.

See opposite for cast opportunities.


  • Small office partially furnished, desk chair. Period props - phone
  • Private car park, rough. Older buildings around it or partially.
  • Car - around 1975-82 vintage.

These are for current scenes planned.

 Cast and Crew

CREW - we are currently looking for full crew, this is also being advertised nationally.
  • Director of Photography
  • Lighting Engineer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Makeup
  • Runners

Cast Required

Anna around 40 years old - leading role

Tamara and Choloe - Mother (30ish) and duaghter (8-10)

Characterful extras for pub scene

More opportunities will arise as project progresses


Sponsor a Scene

Sponsor a scene and ypur business will be advertised on screen in terms of props, posters or however we can advertise you. You will also be incuded in the film end credits.