We are now in Pre-production ...


Darkport Films is gearing up to begin filming the Film 'Meanwhile in Utch' in and around the town in July and August this year. We made a promotional trailer during a break in restrictions during Covid which can be seen at www.utch.co.uk (Film was previosuly called 'Atomic' as a working title.

The film is a low budget collobartive project that will draw on local talent, support and goodwill from the people of Uttoxeter, where the writer/director David Denny was born and raised. It has attracted interest from major streaming companies, subject to a full pilot feature being made. Which is the purpose of the current filming.

A full list of cast and crew roles, locations and sponsorship opportunities are avalable HERE

Actors Ewan Henderson and Steve Shinners have re-joined the project to be involved in the full feature filming. Writer Dave Denny will direct the film and vetran director and actor Lucien Morgan joins us for a character part and as executive director.

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